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Luxury Boudoir Studio

Whatever makes you feel the sun
from the inside 

-gemme troy 


What       Boudoir?


Here's what you need to know

- Boudoir is for EVERY-BODY!

- It's a one-of-a-kind life-changing experience.
- A confidence-boosting photo-session at any age.
- An opportunity to embrace your inner vixen.  
- A reminder of your absolute beauty.

- Boudoir can be tasteful and sexy at the same time.

A boudoir session is more than a photo shoot. It is about unleashing and embracing all the emotions that embody your femininity. It’s an EXPERIENCE. It begins the moment that you decide to book your session. That moment when you finally decide to walk away from your comfort zone and do something for you. This is about being comfortable in your own skin. This is about celebrating how you are uniquely different. This is about letting go of every negative thing you’ve ever believed about yourself. We are here to guide you through this empowering experience. A boudoir photo shoot is for every body. You don’t need to lose weight. You don’t need to change your appearance. This is about embracing your beauty.




Andre Gild

The Body Love Project




Because when we accept ourselves,

we inspire others to do the same. 

We are looking for 10 women 21+ that not only want to book a dream boudoir session with Jennifer Hyde Boudoir but are also ready to help redefine beauty as something that is felt from within and shines from the outside. You can be a part of the change by sharing your story and inspiring women everywhere to embrace and celebrate all that we are. 


 Boudoir Gallery


Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

- Coco Chanel

Tropical Leaves

If you're thinking... Could I really do this? 

Let start by saying- This is the number one question I get from clients. They don’t feel like they are “the kind of woman who does something like this.” But I always tell them that there is no right kind of woman for Boudoir. It doesn’t matter, who you are, what size you are, how old you are or what you look like. Boudoir portraits are meant to make every woman feel her absolute best.

We are in the business of making you look and feel good no matter what. That is our mission. So don’t let insecurity, societal norms or anything else pressure you away from boudoir. This is the right thing for you, no matter what.

Feel more comfortable in your own skin 

They feel reconnected to themselves & more confident in who they are and the impact that has on everything!


It was a wonderful gift to themsevles & a fun way to celebrate reaching new levels or big events like getting married or a birthday! 


And without a doubt, they remember not to be so hard on themselves. Everyone is unique, sexy, strong & worthy. 


And of course, how much fun it was to get pampered and be a supermodel for a day! 


It's about letting your

light shine as bright as it can! 

Our clients consistently tell us that after their session with us they 


It's more than just a photo shoot,
you're more than just a pretty face!


I just wanted to send a quick “THANK YOU” to Jen for helping me feel like the badass woman I am. I had so much fun during my shoot (which was WAY out of my comfort zone, but Jen made me feel safe, comfortable, and sexy). When I saw my pictures after the shoot I was in awe of how amazing they were. And when I say that I fell in love with the woman in those pictures all over again is an understatement.If you haven’t done a shoot with Jen yet, you seriously need to! It was the BEST decision of my life!



My Jennifer Hyde Photography's Boudoir shoot was just absolute perfection! From getting my hair and makeup done, to the shoot location, everything was tailored to make me comfortable and confident. Thank you for creating a comfortable and professional space to allow me to create the most unique gift for my fiance!"


Our Process

 How it Works


We start by getting to know you & your inspiration for your experience. 

Once we've learned a little bit about you, I'll answer any questions you might have, & we can start planning your dream session!

Your Boudoir Session
Let your light shine!

Enjoy a morning of pampering with Professional Hair and Makeup & get ready to tap into that amazing fire within! As we move through the session I will guide your through all the poses & help you to connect to the feeling of you & together we'll watch your confidence grow as you turn into a Supermodel! 

Reveal & Ordering
Be ready to be amazed!
We'll schedule your reveal for a week or two after you session for you to come back and look through all your stunning portraits & order the ones you love!
*We also offer same-day reveals if you are just to excited to wait!

The Process


IMG_7536 2.JPG

An expert in Wedding & Boudoir Photography

A firm believer that all the joy & love you seek truly comes from within you.

I'm a mystical soul whose main passion in life is to follow the light
(literally & 
figuratively) and inspire others to not only find their light but also grow it, protect it, and most of all share it.

My first dream came true when I was 20 & met the  love of my life. I witnessed my first miracle when I became pregnant at 28 with my son. I survived my first turn heartbreak at 31 when I miscarried our twins.  And just recently, I realized, something came alive in me when I was blessed once more with a daughter at 33.

When I was 35 I thought I had it all. A loving, happy family, a career doing what I love, amazing friends- but I also was suffering from deep depression & anxiety. The next few years were challenging to say the least & I found myself searching more desperatly for connection to the life that I loved. 

While growth is never-ending, I will say that my journey over the past 6 years did led me back to  the "me" I was searching more, but more accurately I found the Jen I always wanted to be and she had been there the whole entire time! 

And now, my mission is to shine so brightly that I inspire others to relight, reclaim, and regrow the light inside of them!  I am beyond passionate about helping others along the journey of self love and acceptance. because, YOU ARE MEANT TO SHINE, and CELEBRATED FOR BEING EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE!

Meet Jen

Jennifer is the most AMAZING photographer I have ever met and worked with. She has such an outgoing personality and knows how to get you in the right mindset for any photo! I have worked with Jen in a variety of photography settings, however, her recent addition of doing boudoir photos is 🤩 I wouldn’t trust ANYONE else to do boudoir photos!! Again, Jen checks every box and she has an intuition to know what you need at all times in your most vulnerable moments.
If you are thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, even just a fleeting thought, 100% do it and do it with Jen, you won’t regret it and you will leave with more confidence than you’ve ever had!!





100% Private
& Secure

Wardrobe Consultation
& Client Closet

Luxury Studio 


Hair & Makeup

Reveal & Ordering Session

JHB21-KV_FINAL-57 copy.jpg

Jen made me feel so beautiful, but more importantly comfortable. Her knowledge and skills behind the camera is a great combination! If you have ever thought of a session now is the time do it. As a mom of 2, I not only wanted this for my husband as a gift, but also for myself as a reminder that us women are badass, and Jen will make you feel that way and more! Book that session girl.

-Kristin V



We can't wait to chat with you! 


Jennifer Hyde VIP Boudoir Bombshell group is a private groups for our favorite clients & incredible women to stay up to date with model calls, specials, and give aways. 

This is also a safe space with women who lift each other up and celebrate one another.  I'd love for you to join in on all the  fun!

Boudoir is so much more than putting on pretty lingerie and taking pictures.

It's about changing the way you see yourself. 



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